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The Hiring Process for Article Writers 

Being part of a credible writing organization is the dream of any writer as they get exposed to many writing orders instead of when working as an individual. Also, one gets an opportunity to market their writing skills as well essay writer as increase their visibility. Most writing organizations follow the selection criterion stated below when hiring writers:Â  

  • Step 1- Registration
  • Step 2- Skills evaluation test
  • Step 3- Identity verification
  • Step 4- Doing a sample order


Once you identify the writing agency you want to be part of, your next mission is to register your interest. Registration usually entails sharing summary information of the skills that you possess together with your academic qualifications. If you have received any writing awards, here’s the place to list them.

A skills evaluation test

The second step involves conducting an exam that assesses your writing, research, and referencing skills. The purpose of this test is to ascertain your competency in using correct grammar and syntax and the format layout of your essay. Your analytical and critical skills will be assessed on the uniqueness of your article.

Identity verification

Many companies, if not all, will require that all its writers be Americans. This is particularly the case as writers from different origins may encounter a language barrier. Therefore before you are hired by one of these firms, you must present your identity for verification that you are paper writer an American citizen.

Paper writer’s registration

You should prove that you are an American citizen by presenting your admission letter and other documents that prove your nationality. When registering, you should ensure that you include a copy of the letter as proof of your US citizen status. This proves that you are a citizen of the company.

Top 3 US based Article Writers

Below is a list of part of who have amassed a substantial amount of money from writing online articles:

  1. Joining
  2. Spencers
  3. Editors

Freelance writers

Freelance writers are always people who are willing to work with you and amending documents for them. They don’t have families, never have school leaves, and thus cannot afford to live anything below $500 a month.  

article drafters

This is a lucrative niche that incorporates them into your business operations. They represent you in the proposal stage, and it is in this stage that they get to capture your clientele’s attention. Therefore, always keep in mind that your article drafter is also an author. They should create interesting and informative content that relates to your target audience and not just write for you.

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